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Salt for roads this winter

by stevejarvis on 3 September, 2021

Despite the poor summer we have had it seems a bit early to start thinking about winter but preparations have started.

Each year the County Council offers to provide salt for residents groups and community groups as well as Town, Parish and Community Councils to use on roads and pavements. They can each have up to 34 20kg bags. Applications are now open until 31st October.

Applications from residents groups and community groups need to be approved by the local County Councillor (that’s me for Ashwell, Bygrave, Caldecote, Clothall, Graveley, Great Ashby (the North Herts part), Hinxworth, Kelshall, Newnham, Radwell, Royston (most of the area to the west of London Road and North Road), Rushden, Sandon, Therfield, Wallington and Weston). Town, Parish and Community Council’s don’t need their applications approved they can just ask and the salt will be provided.

The salt is only for use on public roads and paths. It must not be used on people’s private drives or private roads.

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