Steve Jarvis

Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Royston West & Rural and District Councillor for Weston & Sandon. Learn more

Useful Information

This page will contain a variety of local information.

Reporting potholes

The poor state of the roads and the haphazard way in which repairs are done means that there are many holes in our roads. Steve Jarvis is trying to get the County Council to make a better job of fixing them but in the meantime you can help by reporting the potholes that you see.

You can report a pothole online by going to . Experience suggests that it is better to report them on line than by phone.

Planning Applications

Most planning applications are dealt with by planning officers, rather than by the council’s planning committee. Steve Jarvis or the Parish Councils can ask for applications to be dealt with by the committee (although Parish Councils now need Steve’s support for this to be actioned).

You can find information about planning applications at

If you think that a planning application should be dealt with by the committee or are concerned about it you can contact Steve Jarvis for advice on what to do.