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New bus for villages is now running

by stevejarvis on 20 September, 2021

Today I tried out the new Herts Lynx demand responsive bus. I travelled from Weston, which like many North Herts villages has had no buses for several years and went to Graveley – but I could have gone to a town or any of the other villages. It cost me £2 and took less than […]

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Salt for roads this winter

by stevejarvis on 3 September, 2021

Despite the poor summer we have had it seems a bit early to start thinking about winter but preparations have started. Each year the County Council offers to provide salt for residents groups and community groups as well as Town, Parish and Community Councils to use on roads and pavements. They can each have up […]

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Tannery Drift 20mph consultation ends on Friday

by stevejarvis on 17 August, 2021

Tannery Drift 20mph consultation closes on Friday The consultation on whether to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Tannery Drift ends this Friday. Because of Herts County Council’s rules the limit can only be introduced if there are speed humps because the current speeds are more than 24 mph (yes that’s daft but that’s what […]

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New villages buses from September

by stevejarvis on 16 August, 2021

From 19th September there will be a new “demand responsive” bus service to many North Herts villages including Ashwell, Bygrave, Caldecote, Clothall, Graveley, Hinxworth, Kelshall, Newnham, Radwell, Rushden, Sandon, Therfield, Wallington and Weston. Passengers will be able to book a journey by phone, by app or via a website to Baldock, Buntingford, Hitchin, Letchworth, Royston […]

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Conservatives block summer free school meals

by stevejarvis on 21 July, 2021

At yesterday’s meeting of Hertfordshire County Council, the Conservatives turned down a proposal from the Liberal Democrats to top up – by £31 per child – the Government’s £50 part-funding of vital support over the summer holiday for each of the 34,400 children receiving free school meals. The extra money would have meant that children […]

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by stevejarvis on 7 May, 2021

Thanks to all those who supported me in the election yesterday. The counting of votes doesn’t take place until Saturday so it will be a while before we known the result.

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We need more 20mph limits

by stevejarvis on 30 March, 2021

I’m support the campaign by 20’s Plenty Hertfordshire to change Herts County Council’s policy to allow more 20mph limits without expensive humps and traffic calming. I’ve introduced 20mph limits in Ashwell, Great Ashby and Wallington and begun work on one in Royston but 20mph should be the default in residential roads and town centres across […]

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A plan to introduce “demand responsive transport” in North Herts villages in the east of the district has been selected for national funding. The County Council has been given £1.4 million to run the scheme which will allow people living in all the North Herts villages east of the A1 (plus Radwell) to book bus […]

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Secondary school place allocations for September have been published today. After an improvement last year there are once again too many children from Great Ashby who have not been allocated a secondary school which they and their parents have chosen. Just 84% were allocated places at any school they chose with just 57% getting their […]

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County Council blocks free school meals proposal

by stevejarvis on 23 February, 2021

Conservatives on Herts County Council have blocked a Liberal Democrat proposal to provide food vouchers in the summer holidays for children who get free school meals during term time. The council is providing the vouchers in the Easter holidays and May half term but refuses to do so for the rest of the year. The […]

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