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New A505 signs installed

by stevejarvis on 18 October, 2017

The first of the illuminated No Entry signs on the A505 have been installed today at Slip End. New bases have now been installed for all the signs and the posts, signs and lights will be added over the next week or so. The lights are solar powered so it may take a day or […]

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North Herts Council has tried to justify its disgraceful decision to ignore the 85% opposition to its brown bin tax by saying it needs the money. I am not allowed to reveal the financial details of the deal but if you look at the published information you will see that last year North Herts Council […]

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North Herts Council’s Conservative cabinet has voted to ignore the results of its own survey which showed 85% of people opposed and introduce a charge of £40 a year, on top of council tax, for emptying brown bins. Anybody not paying the charge will have their brown bin taken away. The council says it needs […]

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20mph limit in Whitehorse Lane, Great Ashby

by stevejarvis on 12 October, 2017

As the first step towards getting a 20mph limit in Whitehorse Lane, Great Ashby, there will be a speed and traffic volume survey shortly. This is done with grey boxes attached to lamp posts or traffic signs. If the survey shows that the current average speed is less than 25mph it will be possible to […]

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Brown bin tax and the council’s waste contract

by stevejarvis on 10 October, 2017

Yesterday I attended a North Herts Council scrutiny meeting that looked at the council’s new waste contract, including the green waste charging option. The scrutiny committee doesn’t make the decision – it’s role is to advise the Council’s cabinet which does. This is what we learned about the North Herts proposals: The recommended contractor is […]

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Baldock Housing Consultation – still much to improve

by stevejarvis on 7 October, 2017

Another round of consultation on the proposed developments around Baldock has just taken place. Whilst there are some improvements since the last consultation in July it is still not clear that they are taking into account the existing levels of congestion in Baldock or that most of the occupants of any new houses will travel […]

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Tannery Drift crossing work to start in November

by stevejarvis on 6 October, 2017

Work on the zebra crossing on Baldock Street at the junction with Tannery Drift is scheduled to start on 30th October, so the crossing should be finished by December. It will use the existing “build outs”, which will be extended.

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Work starts on illuminated No Entry signs on the A505

by stevejarvis on 4 October, 2017

Work has started on installing illuminated No-Entry signs on the A505 between Baldock and Royston. It is hoped that when installed these will reduce the number of cars that turn onto the wrong side of the dual carriageway. Unfortunately some arcane rules mean that the signs have to be on different posts if they have […]

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Great Ashby Way resurfacing

by stevejarvis on 3 October, 2017

Over the last couple of days the council and their contractor has caused enormous problems in Great Ashby by closing roads without telling people, providing wrong information about where roads would be closed and changing which sections of road will be closed at the last minute. The latest news on the road resurfacing is: The […]

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Coronation Avenue resurfacing postponed

by stevejarvis on 2 October, 2017

Resurfacing of Coronation Avenue and Days Close in Royston which were to have taken place this summer has been postponed until next year because Afinity Water are planning to dig up the road. Whilst it is a pity that the resurfacing is delayed that is better than the new road being dug up almost immediately.

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