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Rural transport progress

by stevejarvis on 18 January, 2021

A bid by Herts County Council supported by North Herts Council for a “demand responsive” bus service for villages in the eastern part of North Herts and northern part of East Herts has been selected to go ahead to the second stage of the Department for Transport bidding process. The scheme would serve Ashwell, Bygrave, […]

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Flooded roads

by stevejarvis on 17 January, 2021

One of the worst example of many flooded roads. This one (in Dane End, Therfield) is due to the failure to keep a culvert under the road clear. The County Council really needs to do a lot better at maintaining ditches and drains to avoid these problems. It would also save them money in the […]

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LED street lights in Ashwell

by stevejarvis on 15 January, 2021

Most of the street lights in Ashwell have now been converted to LEDs, with nine which have special requirements still to be dealt with. The new lights can be dimmed or have shades fitted if they are causing problems in particular locations. I am talking to the parish council about identifying where this needs to […]

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Parking bays being built in Friars Road, Weston

by stevejarvis on 8 January, 2021

Parking bays being built in Friars Road, Weston funded by the highways locality budget.

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LED street lights in Ashwell and Graveley

by stevejarvis on 7 January, 2021

Yesterday about half the street lights in Ashwell were upgraded to LEDs and the ones in Graveley High Street were done this morning. Most of the rest of the Ashwell lights are scheduled to be done on Friday. This is the last stage of the switch to LED lights covering what are known as “heritage” […]

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Work in Thirlmere Woods

by stevejarvis on 6 January, 2021

Work is going to be done tomorrow (7th January) in Thirlmere woods at the Great Ashby park which involves felling some trees. This is part of the long term planned maintenance of the wood, improving biodiversity, enabling natural regeneration and young trees to grow. If it is not done all the trees will eventually reach […]

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New parking bays in Friars Road, Weston

by stevejarvis on 21 December, 2020

I have just heard the six extra parking bays planned for Friars Road in Weston, which I arranged to be funded from the Highway Locality Budget, are scheduled to be built in the first week of January. The bays, outside numbers 35 to 41, should reduce the congestion caused by parked cars at the end […]

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Improvements to Great Ashby Bridleway

by stevejarvis on 19 December, 2020

The County Council is to surface the section of the Great Ashby bridleway between Whitehorse Lane and Great Ashby Way (the section which runs behind Round Diamond School) in March. This will join up with the section done earlier this year and will mean that the route is properly surfaced along its whole length through […]

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Ten point sustainability plan for the County Council

by stevejarvis on 15 December, 2020

Today I proposed some improvements to the County Council’s Sustainability Strategy Action Plan to improve the chances of the County Council meeting its carbon emission targets. I proposed a ten point plan:  An Electric Vehicle charge scheme county wide by 2022. All  council vehicles zero emission by 2029  Planting 120,000 new trees  now and replace […]

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Letchworth and Royston have been selected by Herts County Council as two of the first three “Sustainable Travel Towns” in Hertfordshire, along with Stevenage. This means that the towns will be prioritised for changes to improve walking, cycling and public transport to an agreed action plan. Royston nearly missed out due to an oversight in […]

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