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Drainage work in Weston

by stevejarvis on 24 November, 2020

It is good to see that the blocked drains in Damask Green Road, Weston are being cleared today. Hopefully this will solve the flooding problems that have been occurring during heavy rain recently. It was back in the summer that I asked for this to be done, so it has taken a while.

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County Council makes it harder to introduce 20mph limits

by stevejarvis on 19 November, 2020

Today the Herts County Council Highways Panel voted in favour of a new speed management strategy that will make it harder to introduce new 20mph speed limits. At the moment to introduce a 20mph limit without humps or similar traffic calming the existing speeds must be 25mph or below in at least 90% of the […]

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Conservatives refuse to back local businesses

by stevejarvis on 21 October, 2020

Conservatives at Herts County Council have refused to back Herts businesses affected by Covid closures and to help businesses recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Liberal Democrat councillors had proposed that the council should tell the government that more support for businesses was needed alongside timely, evidence based and effective action to tackle the […]

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There is to be an extraordinary meeting of North Herts Council next week (on the 8th at 19.30), called by the Lib Dem group to discuss the following motion: “The council notes that the projected housing need for North Hertfordshire has reduced as a result of the latest predictions by the Office for National Statistics. […]

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Herts County Council Conservatives have submitted a bid to the government for £6.8 million to build new cycle and pedestrian routes but is planning to spend two thirds of the money on just two cycle routes totalling less than a mile in length – one in Stevenage and one in Buntingford. The route in Buntingford […]

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Resurfacing in Weston Avenue, Royston.

by stevejarvis on 14 September, 2020

Weston Avenue in Royston is to be resurfaced between next Sunday and Tuesday (unless the work is prevented by bad weather). The type of surface they are using (called micro ashphalt) looks a bit messy when it is first done but improves over the next few weeks (assuming the work is done properly).

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No Progress on switch to walking and cycling

by stevejarvis on 9 September, 2020

A report to a Herts County Council cabinet panel shows that the council has been failing to make any progress towards getting more people to walk, cycle or use public transport. The report on progress in implementing the council’s Local Travel Plan 4, shows that “sustainable mode share” – journeys made other than by car […]

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County Council must do better at cleaning roadside drains

by stevejarvis on 1 September, 2020

Recent spells of heavy rain have revealed failings in the way in which the County Council maintains the road side drains and gullies, with flooding of roadside properties in Ashwell, Radwell and Weston amongst others. Although the council now cleans gullies in some of the areas most vulnerable to flooding every six months the pipes […]

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Great Ashby cycle route proposal turned down

by stevejarvis on 21 August, 2020

Last month the County Council asked for suggestions for improvements to cycle routes to be funded by a £6.8 million “Emergency Active Travel Fund”. One of the routes that I suggested was to link Great Ashby to the Stevenage cycle network. Unfortunately the government said that the money was only available for cycle routes to […]

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Road resurfacing in Great Ashby

by stevejarvis on 13 August, 2020

Part of Ryders Hill (from the start of the road to number 26) is being resurfaced between Monday and Wednesday next week. Residents in the area directly affected are being written to, asking them to not to park on the road during the work. Whilst the work is underway (which will probably only take part […]

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