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Conservative run Herts County Council has decided that Royston Young People’s Centre in Garden Walk will be closed permanently. The centre, which is on the King James Academy site, has been closed for several years due to problems with the building, but work had been underway to bring it back into use. This is part […]

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Use of recycling centres made more complex

by stevejarvis on 4 December, 2023

As from 1st December Herts residents who want to use the Thriplow recycling centre in Cambridgeshire will need to get free permit from Cambridgeshire County Council (from here) and Cambs residents who want to use the Royston recycling centre will need a permit from Herts County Council (from here). Herts residents going to the Royston […]

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Water Company fined for road works

by stevejarvis on 14 November, 2023

It is good to hear that Herts County Council has finally taken some action against a utility company (Affinity Water in this case) for digging the road up without permission. There are far too many time when this happens and usually the council just lets them get away with it.

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Why have they cut down the trees on the A505?

by stevejarvis on 12 October, 2023

Many people have asked why trees and other vegetation has been cut down on the section of the A505 between the McDonalds roundabout at Royston and the Coombe Road turning the Kelshall (just before the petrol station).Highways say that they have done this as part of work to clear a ditch that runs down the […]

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A505 speed limit

by stevejarvis on 13 September, 2023

Today the petition calling for a 50mph limit on the A505 between Slip End and Odsey was presented to the County Council’s Highways and Transport panel. The highways officers recommended that, despite the petition getting many hundreds of signatures from local people, the speed limit should remain unchanged. They say that the limit cannot be […]

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Partridge Hill, Ashwell repairs

by stevejarvis on 18 August, 2023

I have just heard that the County Council has employed a contractor to repair the surface of Partridge Hill in Ashwell, which is in very poor condition due to heavy rain washing so much of the old surface away (some of it onto Newnham Way). There is a longer term plan to improve the drainage, […]

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Sense at last on use of recycling centres

by stevejarvis on 21 July, 2023

It is good to hear that Herts County Council and Cambridgeshire County Council look like agreeing that people from both counties can use one another’s waste and recycling sites. When Herts County Council decided to ban those from outside the county from its recycling centres I argued that rather than do this they should be […]

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A505 work has take far too long

by stevejarvis on 19 July, 2023

The work on the A505 has now been going on for more than two weeks, although nothing has actually been done for any of the last week. Although the road clearly needed some repairs it really should not take this long – and it seems that it will be at least another two days. I […]

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Potential for faster broadband in Weston

by stevejarvis on 15 June, 2023

It’s good to hear that Weston is eligible for a “Fibre Community Partnership project to get people served by the Weston phone exchange faster broadband. To make it happen Weston residents need to sign up at If you enter your postcode you can see how many people have signed up and how many more […]

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Action on A505 grass cutting

by stevejarvis on 14 June, 2023

Many people have commented that the grass has been too long at most of the junctions along the A505 – from the Newmarket Road junction in Royston right through to the Slip End junction – and that this makes it difficult for drivers to see when pulling out. Whilst there are lots of roadside verges […]

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