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Too many Great Ashby children don’t get their chosen secondary school again

by stevejarvis on 1 March, 2021

Secondary school place allocations for September have been published today.

After an improvement last year there are once again too many children from Great Ashby who have not been allocated a secondary school which they and their parents have chosen.

Just 84% were allocated places at any school they chose with just 57% getting their first choice. This compares with 89% who got their first choice in the rest of North Herts and 77% in Stevenage.

It looks as if this year there are no spare places in Stevenage schools. Great Ashby children are worst affected by this since they live furthest from most of the schools. The government has decided that there should be a “free school” in Stevenage, they should get on and get it opened since more places are clearly needed.

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