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No Progress on switch to walking and cycling

by stevejarvis on 9 September, 2020

A report to a Herts County Council cabinet panel shows that the council has been failing to make any progress towards getting more people to walk, cycle or use public transport. The report on progress in implementing the council’s Local Travel Plan 4, shows that “sustainable mode share” – journeys made other than by car remained constant at 40% in the year to March and that the accessibility of new developments declined.

This report shows that the council really was not doing enough to encourage people out of their cars. There have been a few localised schemes but we need properly connected routes for people to walk or cycle. They also need to be properly maintained so they are not blocked by overgrown hedges or full of pot holes.

Of course there were big changes since lock down with more people walking and cycling, some of which is still happening  but this will decline if it is not made safe and easy for people to do.

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