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Call for inquiry into care home deaths in Hertfordshire during the COVID pandemic

by stevejarvis on 17 June, 2020

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) Hertfordshire has one of the highest care homes death tolls from Coronavirus. A report in the Health Service Journal on 2nd May highlighted that the Hertfordshire and West Essex area had the highest excess deaths in care homes from all causes in the week ending 17 April. This was confirmed by ONS data which put Hertfordshire second behind Hampshire for death toll in care homes from COVID-19.

With now over 500 COVID-related deaths in the care sector reported by the County Council this needs investigating. We need to know if this number of deaths could have been avoided and how. Were all the actions needed to minimise them taken? An inquiry would help us all understand that and help us learn and put in place better protection for our vulnerable in the care sector. It will also help families understand what occurred and help in their grief and loss.

We need an independent review to establish all the facts. If you agree please sign our petition at

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