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Highways Update

by stevejarvis on 31 March, 2020

The latest update from Herts County Council describes what they are doing about repairing roads and pavements for the next few weeks.

Urgent repairs of dangerous potholes and other things that relate to safety should be going ahead as normal, although it may take a little longer to get things fixed. In some cases they may just be made safe rather than fixed properly because of the need for the work to be done in a safe way (only one worker is travelling in a vehicle and some jobs cannot be done whilst keeping workers 2m apart).

Some other minor maintenance works will be done, where this can be done safely (some of these will avoid later urgent repairs).

Drain cleaning has stopped whilst they investigate a way to do this safely.

Grass cutting will only be done where it is required for visibility (the County Council only cuts grass outside the towns. In the towns road side grass is cut by the District Council).

Resurfacing work has been stopped until further notice.

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