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A new way forward for North Herts Council

by stevejarvis on 23 May, 2019

North Herts Liberal Democrats councillors have agreed an administrative arrangement with the Labour Party to run North Herts District Council over the next twelve months.

This arrangement will allow us to pursue the agenda we campaigned on during the 2019 district council elections and deliver positive changes for residents. This includes creating a greener North Hertfordshire, improving air quality across the district, ending a culture of secrecy and creating a transparency charter, improving public engagement with the Council and improvements to the planning system.

It will give the Liberal Democrats councillors a number of seats in the new NHDC Cabinet, allowing us a key role in the running of the Council.

I am pleased to have been appointed as the cabinet member responsible for the environment and for leisure. I plan to play a major role in making North Herts a better council that works for local people as well as improving the local environment.

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