Steve Jarvis

Liberal Democrat District Councillor for Weston & Sandon , County Council candidate for Royston West & Rural (covering Great Ashby, Royston Heath and all the villages in between). Learn more

North Herts Council is now claiming that information on how many people have responded to the local plan and the proportion who objected is “confidential” along with details that are already in the public domain such as how the Examination of the plan by the inspector will be arranged.   I can only assume that they […]

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Local Plan latest

by stevejarvis on 24 March, 2017

Yesterday councillors were briefed on the results of the local plan consultations. The details of all the responses will be published next Friday (31st March), along with the report that will go to the council meeting but we know the outlines of what people have said.   There were around 5,300 representations of which 94% […]

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Too many street lights don’t work

by stevejarvis on 7 March, 2017

A trip around Weston yesterday evening revealed at least 7 street lights not working. One of these is a “private” street light (on Forge End which is not adopted by the county council) and one does not appear on the county council’s street light map. The others have been reported. It seems that the County […]

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District Plan decision on 11th April

by stevejarvis on 4 March, 2017

The District Council is to decide whether to submit the local plan to the Secretary of State at a meeting on 11th April.   District Councillors are to be briefed on the results of the consultation on 23rd March, but we already know that the County Council has said that the plan has not been […]

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Spending on roads falls for the third year in a row

by stevejarvis on 17 February, 2017

Figures from Herts County Council show that spending on mending roads and pavements has fallen for each of the last three years. In 2013-14 they spent £39.2 million mending the roads and footways across Hertfordshire but this year the figure has fallen to £30.1 million – a cut of 23%. No wonder people complain that […]

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Council budget agreed

by stevejarvis on 10 February, 2017

North Herts Council has voted through a budget for the next financial year including a rise in parking charges and confirming both the proposals to reduce the number of play areas and to increase councillors’ pay. Steve Jarvis voted against the budget. All the Conservative councillors present (including our county councillor who is also a […]

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Councillors pay

by stevejarvis on 4 February, 2017

Despite the recommendations of an independent panel it was clearly wrong of North Herts Conservative Councillors to vote an 11% rise for all Councillors and a near 20% rise for the leader of the Council. Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors voted against the increase. The Conservatives should reconsider this decision and cancel the increases but […]

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The planning system is crazy

by stevejarvis on 16 December, 2016

Yesterday evening North Herts council refused a long standing local resident permission to build a house in Weston that they want to live in when they retire. The reason: the Green Belt. This is the same council proposing to move the Green Belt to build 40 houses on the other side of Weston, 900 between […]

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County Council Gritting Fiasco

by stevejarvis on 1 December, 2016

Herts County Council has abandoned a plan to reduce the number of roads gritted when bad weather is expected – at least for this year – after a petition against the changes run by the Lib Dems. The council had agreed new criteria for the roads gritted but then failed to select the roads correctly. […]

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Gritting confusion

by stevejarvis on 25 November, 2016

We are now being told that the maps that the County Council produced showing which roads will not be gritted when bad weather is forecast are inaccurate and that the road from Weston to Halls Green should not be shown as not to be gritted in future. What is not clear is what the extent […]

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